Double Album

Album Name : 24 Parfums
Release Date : 2022
Zied Zouari

“This double album, to which I had the honor of contributing as a violinist, is the result of a colossal work. The recordings began in December 2018 and were completed in November 2020, between the Gammarth and Aouina (Tunis) studios. The work achieved represents for me a turning point in the history of contemporary Tunisian music and the guarantor of a multiple and deep cultural identity. Mohamed Ali KAMMOUN is today the ambassador of this new Tunisian music of which he is both a fine connoisseur and a faithful composer and arranger. But the “24 Perfumes” cannot be summed up in a musical project. It is an extraordinary human experience, an invitation to a dreamlike journey through the regions of the country, whose richness never ceases to surprise us and invite us to invent.”