A feature-length documentary film called “Caravan of the 24 Perfumes” is currently being made, supported by the Tfanen Fund. It retraces all the experiences of the project and pays tribute to an ancient musical heritage of great wealth, which is in danger of disappearing. In search of lost treasures, a caravan traveled for two years through the Tunisian regions, creating a sound and visual portrait of a woman. Musical and visual creation residences were filmed in the regions, as well as backstage recordings of studios, shows, etc.

“24 Perfumes, la doc. 24 Perfumes, la doc.” was selected and supported by Tfanen – Tunisie créative within the framework of the fund “Pérennisation des festivals et Valorisation du Patrimoine” financed by the European Union within the framework of the Programme d’Appui au Secteur de la Culture en Tunisie (PACT) of the Ministry of Culture, implemented by the British Council on behalf of and with the collaboration of the EUNIC network (National Cultural Institutes of the European Union)